Astrid Emma Robinson

Artist resume

“Fine artist/hardedge abstract painting 

BA(HONS) Fine art 2004 DMU Leicester 
MA Fine art 2008 DMU Leicester 
Barnstaple North Devon

My aesthetic has always been very structural, geometric and almost architectural, often focusing on the compositions around me whether industrial or organic. Shapes, textures and colours are things I have always appreciated and I look out for things that people often miss or discard as ugly and unnecessary. Having moved from somewhere quite industrial to North Devon, which is rather scenic, has made my style and colours bounce from cosmetic  and artificial to organic and harmonious and I enjoy playing with the concept of both. Having a fine art background has given me  knowledge and experience  and I now enjoy the freedom to take my work in any direction. My influences tend to be more graffiti based mixed with architecture and photography which helps to keep my work a more varied.



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