Malwina Puszcz

Polish painter Malwina Puszcz was born in 1992 in Szczecinek, from where she moved to Gdansk in 2013 and subsequently began her adventure in painting. At first Malwaina focused on practicing in workshops and over time she became fascinated by abstract stylistics. Currently, she creates energetic geometric compositions in acrylic on canvas. In her works, Malwina emphasizes on dynamic form and strong, saturated color. She often uses color contrasts, while trying to maintain the harmony of the presentation. The artists attaches great importance to aesthetics, which is why she tries to make her paintings “clean” and finished to the smallest detail. Malwina often looks for inspiration for her work in the rich world of flora. She wants her paintings to please the viewer’s eyes and give them joy comparable to the one she feels when painting them.

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Instagram: @malwinapuszcz

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