Matia Santini

My name is Matia, I was born and raised in Camerano, Italy. I spent the last 15 years of my life in Wimbledon, London. Art has always been a great passion of mine. Painting is a space that let me cut out from reality and relax, I can isolate myself from the world, listen to music and express my feelings. The inspiration comes to me in the most varied moments: in the middle of the night, or while I’m driving out of town, something attracts my attention, I sketch my ideas and then they become alive on a canvas. ​

With the brush and acrylics I translate those ideas that buzz around my head into shapes and colours, inspired by films, songs, landscapes, words, objects and dreams. My favourite part of my creative process is when those shapes and colours turn into emotions, depending on the eye of the beholder. My art reflect my passions and most of the times I let my artworks introduce myself. I defined my style Chaos/Order Caos/Ordinato. Every single Opera has been taken care to the last detail. ​

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