Scott Thomlinson

Born in 1971 in Australia, my art career started at a very early age, drawing reproductions of Sydney Nolan’s Ned Kelly on the living room floor. At primary school, I refined his artistic skills, drawing dinosaurs and Daleks on the classroom blackboard during lunch time (much to the delight of fellow students and the displeasure of my teachers). In high school, I chose fine art, photography and design as elective subjects, a happy by-product of which was the need to discontinue my study of maths and science.

After high school, I moved to Sydney, however unfortunately not in sufficient time to enrol in my preferred tertiary art course. Not to be deterred, I pursued a career in advertising where I spent the next thirty years as a finished artist, illustrator, designer, art director, copywriter, creative director and agency owner. After achieving all I had set out to achieve in advertising, it was time for a change. So I turned my hand to the one thing that had preoccupied my mind for most of my life in one form or another – creating the art I wanted to create.

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Instagram: @scottthomlinson_art

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