In the Spotlight: Jasmina Krajacic

jasmina krajacic


I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb; Croatia. I continued exploring techniques and materials in order to develop a distinctive style of my own. My style remains recognizable regardless of whether the work is purely abstract or is figurative with abstract elements. Throughout all of my works, I use strong lines bright colors geometric patterns, and dynamic shapes that suggest both depth and movement.


As a child, I was averse to mathematics found myself naturally drawn towards geometry, and soon applied developed, good technical drawing skills through patient practice and study. Eventually, I was able to draw straight lines and perfect circles freehand. For the past 25 years, I have settled upon acrylic paints as my preferred medium. I have found them to be the best-suited option for my style of painting. Being quick to dry and providing a dead matt layer, I have settled upon acrylic paints as my preferred medium.


My style is formed as a result of the conflict between ordinary daily life and my rebellious nature, searching for new challenges from the past or in the pop culture, related to my personal experiences and tendencies. I paint figurative motifs as well as abstraction, combining the shapes, mostly geometrical. Figurative subjects are intertwined with geometric shapes and overlapping/concentric circles. This method of working produces dynamism movement and often a modern spin on the psychedelic imagery of the 60s.


I feel having been born with the gift of art was a privilege. To be enabled to have a career doing something I love makes me feel very fortunate. I am attempting through my work to brighten the lives of those that see it. Furthermore, I strive to use my art to inspire viewers of it to look at both the world and the people in it with a higher sense of hope and curiosity. I hope my work can make the possibility of perfect order clear; the complexity of reality and fantasy being brought together in order to form a thing of beauty.


Work hard every day, and progress in every way.


Having lived through a civil war and seen the very worst of human nature has had a profound and lasting effect on me both personally and subsequently upon my work. Either through my use of color or subject matter, I’ve striven to present a more optimistic, hopeful, tolerant and happy vision of our future as a species.

Thank you, Jasmina.

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