In the Spotlight: Jessica Moritz

jessica moritz


French israeli artist, living in Tel Aviv, Israel. I mainly focus my work on interactions with colors, light, figures and patterns. I developed different system of surface, color and pattern interacting with architecture and the viewer. My work aims to create new edges and forms that can be displayed in any shapes, sizes (from minimalism to maximalism). Light t and space artist, involved in the pursue of light and interactivity.


I develop different systems, color schemes, patterns based on light or color study, and sacred geometry. i try to think of a shape as a full reading of a situation how to translate it in other fields: Drawing, collage, installation, painting, movement. I am always curious of the different ways to experience one work from any point and stretch the concept to test its own limit. Interactivity is part of the work and part of the reading, as if the viewer is in the studio and part of my process. Part of my work consists of using letters or punctuation signs, extending to a pattern, or structure. As an immigrant, i had to balance my lack of vocabulary by creating my own language i guess.


My work is often assimilated into geometric abstraction, or hard edge painting. I feel close to light and space movement, especially this year, i feel it connects more dots to my process and works. The light studies from a physics or artistic point of view are endlessly inspiring and often refer to geometry and color theory. In my opinion, this is the essence of every artist. perception and refractions of light(s).


This year, like every other, was a challenging year. Nevertheless, as an artist, creating is our escape. I develop new systems of light and color that i will elaborate in generative art (analog and digital). i wish to pursue more works around light and architecture and work on bigger scale mediums to create an immersive experience, share intangible proposals. Light and color study also led me to escape the canvas to build my own shapes, and be more specific about colors. I wish to make mural painting in this direction. One last thing, now that i have established a vocabulary on my own, my “alphabet”, i want to make it more concrete and create works about languages, and writings, eventually publish an artist book to collect and classify properly the different works: language, colors, and surfaces.


My philosophy is mostly to “do what makes you happy”.All works must bring some new questions, rise above previous questions, level up previous accomplishments. Anyway, there is no accomplishment. Process is the most interesting part on many levels. Mostly i challenge myself to be out of the box, even in my own comfort zone, and overcome all that and keep the essence of it. One last thing, my process now involves sustainability, i mostly work with found materials, leftovers, street treasures. I think we need, as artists, to encourage people to have a new perspective about consuming also in the art world.


If you cannot see the light, paint it. We chose our own limits, as artists and as humans. Lately, boundaries have been hurt, still we can have our own perspective and convey to share light. Geometry is an endless source of inspiration and also reflection on nature. All shapes exist in nature, we need to learn again how to observe, approaching to “touch with our eyes” and learn from it.

Thank you very much, Jessica.

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Instagram: @jeszmo_art

Facebook: @moritzjessica

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