In the Spotlight: Jo Moloney

Jo Moloney


Living in Melbourne Australia, I’ve gradually transitioned from commercial photography to making hard-edged geometric paintings.


Time in lockdown has enabled me to put certain areas of my life into perspective, and one of the critical discoveries I’ve made during this period is the importance of artmaking – something that initially felt like an exercise in self-indulgence, but which quickly evolved into a new way of communicating with the world. While I currently have time to practice, I’m putting everything into my work to create paintings that are personally meaningful, and hopefully resonate with the viewer.


My work is heavily influenced by mid-century geometric abstraction, incorporating hard-edged forms that reflect my passion for the minimal compositions of artists like Agnes Martin and Sol LeWitt. The colour palette that dominates my work is a fusion of contemporary and mid-century modes, – part art history, part imagined history.


My goal is to continue to experiment and find new ways of getting my paintings to speak on my behalf – sometimes boldly, sometimes quietly.


Experimentation and permutation drive innovation.


Art for me is all about universalising the personal – developing a language that carries my experiences and interests, while remaining open to interpretation.

Thank you, Jo.

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Instagram: @jomoloney_art


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