In the Spotlight: John Eckert

john eckert


I’m a self taught who has been painting for 2 years. After 35 years as a practicing architect I have developed an interest in composition and simplicity.


As a passionate Porsche and Ducati owner I tend to use those as subjects, along with architecturally influenced abstract compositions. Pixilating images allows for them to be encapsulated into and overall composition.


The inherent translucency of water colour allows for subtle colour variations within each block. Individually each of the blocks are pure colour, but in combination the blocks reflects a pattern and interrelationship that reveals visual movement or images within. Drop shadows enables each block to be defined as a component with its own colour quality and intensity. Various grids then link the individual colour blocks into a mosaic representing the entire composition. Edges sometimes fracture to reinforce the grid blocks, showing how missing pieces are sometimes as important as those included.


I paint for personal pleasure, my goal is to enjoy it for many years.


Pixilating images allows for them to be encapsulated into overall compositions. The drop shadows allows each block to be identified as an individual within the group, whilst the group combines for the image.

Thank you, John.

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Instagram: @eckartwork

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