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lars kreyssig


My name is Lars Kreyssig. I’m a German artist and writer, currently living in the city of Cologne, where I graduated in the field of film directing at the Academy of Media Arts, back in 2007. I did however draw and paint from an early age and came back to drawing minimal works a couple of years ago.


I’m working both conceptual and un-conceptual in the tradition of the „Konkrete Kunst-movement” – using simple and common materials – often only a pen, paper and ruler. In addition to that I sometimes use photography for my work, trying to achieve an abstract visual vocabulary.


My work is based on minimal compositions. While I first focused on the simplicity of black on white repetitive line and dot drawings, I more and more allow myself to use color in my work, still in a repetitive, meticulous manner.


I would like to work sculptural. My goal is to use (some of) my drawings as templates to create (wall)-sculptures in small and large scales.


The simpler, the better – being that said, I don’t mean simple as in “easy” or “quickly made”, I mean the philosophy of minimization. I strongly believe in the ideas of the first minimal artists and still think their values are relevant today.


Thank you for your interest in my work.

Thank you, Lars.

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Instagram: @larskreyssig


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