In the Spotlight: Pablo Zamudio

pablo zamudio


I’m a self taught artist. Grew up in Guadalajara Mexico and move to Vancouver Canada in 97. For 16 years I ran a very special clothing store/Gallery where I featured hundreds of artist and organized many cultural events on a monthly basis, from painters and photographers, fashion designers and musicians they were all welcomed and we were a staple of the city. Last January I decide to finally close my business and follow my passion as an abstract painter full time . I’m so thankful and blessed to be able what I do and share it with others.


I have chosen lines , forms and colour to keep me company on my journey and search of balance and truth, also as a way to project that energy in me and all my surroundings


Hardedge geometric abstraction / Op Art / suprematism / Non-Objective


My Goal is to have a house / studio close to my mother and the ocean in Mexico, where I can continue painting the rest of my life and also start experimenting with sculpture. I wouldn’t mind traveling all over the world learning more about our planet too.


Imperfection is part of perfection.

Thank you, Pablo.

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Instagram: @pabloz74

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