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Hello, I’m a self-taught artist, i was born in ’91 and based in Paris. I was initially inspired by art in general and i tested a lot of pictorial techniques. I think that colours, shapes and compositions are a mean of expression and universal sharing.


I usually mix the colours with primary colours. I create abstract interiors artworks using gouache or acrylic on canvas (occasionally other mediums or technics), as well as lines, geometric shapes and sometimes curves or motifs by masking of areas. I also add the colours to get a feeling but above all a coloured vibration.


My style is colourful. Complex or Minimalist, it always remains geometric. My inspirations are very varied because for me art is everywhere. However, to be able to start painting I need a feeling or an ambience. First of all, i desire to share something through colours and shapes, then when I’m in front of the canvas, I start creating. I paint only with the primary colours because I paint a moment of life and the colours that will be created from the primary colours participe in an unique moment. Also, I can say that my style combines know-how and intuition.


I paint for pleasure and to share this pleasure of colors with as many people as possible, because i think that colours and shapes are universal and have no borders and no religions. I have to experiment and have fun.


I think all the Arts are linked and the colourful vibration is universal. The world is in contrasts and colours and all shapes are embellished by their emptiness . For me everyone can be an artist with different sensibilities.


Painting allows me to express myself. Hardedge is my favorite painting technique and i love to investigate how to use colours and shapes in order to create rhythm, light, feeling, ambience etc. Occasionally I also paint other styles with other techniques or mediums to create a rupture.

Thank you, Phil_Art_Manies.

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