In the Spotlight: Ruth Powell

ruth powell


I am an artist, designer and maker based in Bath, UK, with an eclectic approach to my work both in terms of media and inspiration. I currently use paint, printmaking, digital platforms, books and fibre to create new work. My influences and inspirations range from architecture and science to language and identity and even the pure process of making itself.


I create abstract works through play and experimentation. Sometimes this is purely intuition based and at other times it is a product of pre-defined boundaries. Taking source material and interrogating it in such a way as to create something new. The source material may be a walk, photos, data, lyrics, a colour, to name a few. Creating in this way is intrinsic to who I am. It is the way I process the world around me and within me. The playful aspect to my practice is a key part of keeping me moving forward.


My work is concerned with balance, space and abstraction and is often either highly complex or highly minimal in nature.


To keep creating and learning. Engaging with new processes, ideas and media to push my work forward into new places. I want to put works out into the world that bring joy and inspire new perspectives. My hope is that all those engaging with my art, no matter their age or background, feel the freedom to experience and interpret each piece in their own way, consequently giving them a sense of ownership over the piece. Over time I hope to develop ways of helping others to engage with and develop their own creative practice.


Create freely work that inspires new perspectives and wonder pursue truth find beauty execute elegantly

Thank you, Ruth.

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Instagram: @ruthpowellioart


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