In the Spotlight: Myriam Glatt


I am an artist who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I have always had a studio at home to be close and raise my daughters. I have a degree in architecture but shortly after training I went to live in California and took several art courses and when I returned I dedicated myself to applied art in decoration and commercial establishments. As an extra training I studied painting and art theory for 5 years at an alternative school Parque Lage where great Brazilian artists passed. Recently I graduated in Art / Philosophy at Puc Rj University because I missed studying theories to philosophize in my work.


I always had doubts in which language to fix myself in painting or sculpture. When I decided to leave the traditional painting on canvas support, I choose cardboard as a support for my painting after realizing the excess of them discarded in the city and seeing in them a possibility to satisfy my desire to be a painting and sculptor in the same work.


In the beginning, cardboard was a base for my organic paintings. 2 years ago I started looking at cardboard no longer as a means but as an end, a theme and from then on I became geometric. I left the squares, rectangles and tabs to move around in the wall sculptures of the Abamóvel series awarded in 2020. At the end of 2020 I return to the canvas bringing the geometric theme in the collages of the Arquimetrias series.


My goal, now that I have reached a maturity of my production, is to circulate my work and show it to the greatest number of people. Lay people but mostly enter the art market through galleries and collectors.


Accept the mistakes that happen in the day-to-day of the studio, it is through them that you artist will build your poetics, adding or discarding, but start from a point and follow. Often the trash can is the most important element within the studio, and over time, creating maturity and deepening you will know what is your research or what ideas should be thrown away.


If you think you can live without art, give up and don’t waste time. I tried to stop but I came back, this is one of the reasons that I will insist and dedicate myself. The fact that noticed my work on instagram in the midst of so many images is a sign that it is worth making art in this life and especially in this difficult moment that we are living in, after all, being in lockdown isn’tgreat to be concentrate on?

Thank you, Myriam.

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