In the Spotlight: Turboblack777


I am an artist who lives in New York City, USA and I been drawing since the age of four. It started with cartoons and comic books, the love of them drew me into wanting to be an artist. I studied at the High school of Art and Design and at the School of Visual Arts learning cartooning, animation, and graphic design. Art history, drawing and painting were required as well. And of course living in NYC, museums visits were mandatory. Here I learned to be the eternal student, absorbing art everywhere I could find it. After working traditionally for years, I now embrace digital art on mobile platforms. All the colors, brushes, paints, and pencils all in one toolbox!


I’ve been creating art in many forms for many years and never explored abstract art. As I look at the world around me seeing so much figurative images, I felt drawn to see abstract art as a means to grow as an artist. It’s so freeing and I love it!


My style consists of digital abstractions created to have an analog feeling. I purposely make sure human imperfections appear in my work to express that union. Because I believe art is about exploration, I create abstracts that evolve as i work. A piece may start in a more expressionistic way and may end up hardedge. I like to have a conversation or dance with my work.


My short term goal is complete 1000 original abstract inspired posts on social media,sharing my work with the world. After that monetize my creations, gallery shows etc. It’s been an incredible enjoyable experience.


My favorite # is “creative life happy life” and believe in it fully. We are in this life to create beautiful things and as artists we are compelled to do so.


I’m pleased to be a part of the abstract community and hope I represent it well. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

Thank you, Turboblack777.

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