In the Spotlight: HMX


I am a Dutch based, self made artist. Around 2000 I was inspired by street art and decided to paint myself. I started with stencil art, comic-oriented images and was active in the sticker scene. To increase my can handling I also started designing and spraying letters. I never had a specific style, but there was always a recognisability in the structure of my letters. I am actually a doodler, curious and always trying to discover and develop shapes. Over the years I have started to work more and more abstractly, in which all my experience of the past years comes together.


I am a very restless artist. I am constantly stimulated by my environment, what I hear and see, which translates into my work. I actually prefer to work in black and white with possibly a supporting color, but I also like to use multiple colors. I mostly work on canvas and paper and still enjoy doing creative interventions in public space. I find the noise that street art brings to the streetscape very inspiring. Behind every tag and piece is a story and a person who for various reasons feels the need to make themselves known in a creative way in the public space.


In my artwork you can clearly see the influence of street art and graffiti. Over the years I have started to paint more and more abstractly, but I still enjoy drawing and painting comic like or figuratively. I also combine them. I like variety and to push myself in different styles. I am also very inspired by art movements such as Pop Art, De Stijl, Art Deco, Bauhaus and vintage anatomy drawings.


The main goal is to continuously develop and surprise myself. I would also like to make my art more known to a wider audience and look forward to fun collaborations with artists all over the world.


I want to enjoy my creativity every day and resign myself to the qualities that I have at that moment. If I don’t and just focus on perfecting, I’m taking away a lot of fun. I don’t want to see a mistake as a mistake, but as an opportunity or a new insight. My best works of art came from mistakes.


I am happy that years ago I was inspired by art on the streets and hope that my work inspires other artists or encourages people to get started with art.

Thank you, HMX.

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Instagram: @hmx_artwork

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