In the Spotlight: Boceto-


I started painting graffiti at the beginning of the 90s and I studied on my own reading art and architecture books. I did work for graphic design, I am self-taught and for 7 years, have been doing canvas for 3 years and I have sent my works abroad. Now I’m doing muralism, learning what I can best and color studies. I am 39 years old.


I work on geometric structures because I really like architecture and the games of colors that the city gives.


It is a mixture of everyday actions, you move through geometry and I try to bring that to art, we live in constant movement.


To keep learning, growing in knowledge, to give a better example of myself in art.


You can learn everything in life.


I hope to continue growing as a person and as an artist to be able to deliver what I have learned in life.

Thank you, Boceto-.

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Instagram: @boceto_one

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