In the Spotlight: Kicki


I have never studied art, I am all self taught. I am an artist, that was born in Berlin and lived in Hong Kong and London. No doubt my past has shaped me in beautiful ways. Now after working in the corporate world for some time, I re-discovered my love for art and I can not wait to see where this journey takes me.


Art is my happy place, where I can create what and when I want. I gives me joy and I want to share that joy with other people and fellow artists. I have always been creative, even at a young age. But it is only now that I invest the time in myself to truly explore my skills and passion.


I am at home with geometric shapes. But I always try to push the boundaries a little, add irritating small elements that make the painting that much more interesting. Mixing geometrics with fluid abstract shapes is next.


I want to create beautiful art to make people smile, stop, wonder, think, look deeper, let their mind wonder and take them places. I want them to take time to appreciate a piece of art in a busy world like todays hectic environment.


Keep putting in the work, the rest will follow.

Thank you, Kicki.

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Instagram: @simply_kicki_art

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