In the Spotlight: Lutz Schoenherr


Born in 1953, afterleaving school I seriously considered to study art and design. But life turned out differently: I became a social worker/social scientist and in a second universitary education I becam a linguist.


In 2007 I changed my life completely to finally become a fulltime artist. I spent some time joining courses in acrylic painting, later in a privat art school to learn basics in screen printing. All the “rest”: self studies, self training, self made…


It’s all about colours and forms: nothing in nature is strongly geometrical, like squares, triangles or circles. But everything humans desingned follows these schemes. This is where I usually start. I use basically these rudimentary forms, repeat and change and repeat and change. I change only slightly in each step – but in the end sometimes you can hardly see any more, where it all came from. Sometimes you will get the impression 3-dimensional pictures, of dizzying dynamics. Sometimes you’ll associate crowds of people.


My art is a never ending story. Working on one project, the next will turn up in my mind. A friend of mine put in these words: “I think, I know only 1 picture of you.” – But in reality it may have been the same subject, but in new shape and design. All the time. Allways unique and new.


There is no special purpose hidden in my work. I seem to be playing with forms and colours. But any viewer will be invited to see more “in” or “behind” my work. And come up with own conclusions about the reality he/she is living in.


Playing is an important part of life.

Thank you, Lutz.

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