In the Spotlight: Niamh Ginger


Niamh Ginger was born 1995 on the outskirts of London. Growing up close to the city she had an incredible admiration to move closer to the art scene. Studying Fine Art since 2011 she has been awarded multiple high level certificates most notably receiving her BA Fine Art Diploma from Middlesex University.


Since 2011 Ginger has experimented with a diverse practice in sculpture, painting, print making and drawing to explore the connection between the artist and existence, describing that as “art has no limitations”. The ability to effortlessly illustrate survival in this world makes for a magnificent piece each time.” Ginger’s subject within her work is not always clear to the viewer but the challenge the viewer faces while dancing their eyes around the piece makes for a curious challenge between contemporary beliefs and the hesitations to discover more about the subject, thus using the viewer as her main propeller she enjoys making it playful and uncertain.


My practice aims to continue the traditions of Western still life painting whilst altering them in a contemporary manor. Abstracting the three dimensional form and colour from a subject in order to create an entirely new perspective and understanding. The somewhat claustrophobic and crowded compositions aim to remain ambiguous although they are approached with deliberate intent.


I want to continue my daily art practice and eventually be able to be a full time artist.


You must become best friends with your practice. You must learn to paint in whatever mood you are feeling. Have arguments with your work, fall in love with it, go on adventures with your emotions.

Thank you, Niamh.

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Instagram: @niamh.ginger

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